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do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> a state of emergency in christchurch, new zealand, after the city is hit by a powerful earthquake. a television presenter and a former ambassador are among six people convicted of abuse at a portuguese children's home. the taliban in pakistan says it carried out a suicide bomb attack which killed at least 50 people. and enjoying a renaissance, the priceless vitt can tapestries reunited in london with the paintings they were adapted from. >> welcome to "bbc news." broadcasting to your viewers in the u.k. and around the world. a state of emergency has been declared in new zealand's second largest city after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck. the epicenter was 55 kilometers northwest of the city of christchurch. power and water sthrice have been disrupted, but there are no reports of death. aftershocks were reported for several hours afterwards. here is our report. >> buildings have been destroyed, reduced to piles of rubble. bridges have collapsed, and roads are impassable after a major earthquake in christchurch. hours after it struck this m
and even a fire. this is what the people of christchurch face today after a powerful 7.0 magazinenynitude earthquake. >> it was shaking back and forth as if it's been hit by something. >> reporter: many say it's a miracle no one died in the quake, which was as strong as the one that hit haiti earlier this year. new zealand experiences thousands of earthquakes annually, so the buildings are well fortified. loss of power and water to many parts of christchurch has led the city's mayor to declare a state of emergency. >> there are an awful lot of ordinary folk right here in christchurch city today who have lost a lot of possessions. some of them are not sure where they will be tonight. >> reporter: the original quake lasted just 40 seconds, witnesses say, but a strong aftershocks continue to hit the area it could take months for this city to return to normal. celia, cbs news beijing. >> curtis ming reporter for qovr. curtis happened to be on vacation in new zealand with another kovr reporter. >> good morning quite a rude awakening. i felt a little bit of shaking
might expect in this area. you see christchurch not far from the coast. 7.2 magnitude earthquake. . you see this area shaded in the reds, the oranges. that's an area where you would have the most violent, extreme, heavy, widespread damage. this area of christchurch is the second largest populated town in new zealand. in fact, it's home to over 370,000 people. this quake struck at 4:35 in the morning in the dead of morning on a saturday morning. we've been told so far the damage is reported to be widespread. power outages, as you might imagine, are also widespread. here's some of the damage, some of the earliest footage we're getting. you see the debris all over the place. i'm sure we're going to see countless more images like this. this is a catastrophic event we've been seeing. we have another shot that will show you the inside of a dwelling. when you have something that shakes this violently, you're going to have some damage. there have been aftershocks of 9.5 that have popped up. we may see subsequent aftershocks in just a matter of minutes in the next couple of hours or even days. w
still walking the area around the new zealand city of christchurch, emergency services there have been extended. there have been nearly 100 tremors since the magnitude seven quake on saturday. >> moving in to keep control, the army has now been deployed in the central district of christchurch after new zealand's worst earthquake in 80 years. a state of emergency remains in force as the operation moves into full gear. here, they are demolishing what the earthquake did not. 100,000 homes, two out of every three, may have been damaged to some degree. buildings like this are structurally unsafe and have to be pulled down. >> the high wind was getting up and it has to be pulled down in the interest of safety. >> the moment of the earthquake strike was captured on cctv at 4:45 a.m. and most people were in bed. >> the prime minister said it was a miracle nobody died. mendicancy wide. the earthquake on saturday was -- and you can see why. ireton saturday was 7.0 magnitude -- the earthquake on saturday was 7.0 magnitude. in the earthquake in china more than 2000 people were killed and that was
hit new zealand. just west of the city of christchurch, the second largest population center in new zealand. in christchurch, we spoke via skype to geologist mark quigley and his partner, candice eagen. >> it was 4:00-something in the morning. the bed was rattling, moving back and forth a bit. my partner said to me, is that an earthquake and i said, yes. it's definitely an earthquake. >> i woke up to the wardrobe -- the mirrors on the wardrobe just shaking. kind of loud noise. quite scared. >> we went into the house and noticed broken pipes. the yard started to flood. we had sand volcanos erupting out onto the ground. we began to drive around and walk around the suburb and noticed big fractures in the roads. there are reports of some damage in the city center. the power lines have sort of tilted intact and are now sort of lying on their side. we just got an aftershock now. we're just feeling another aftershock right at the moment. we just felt one. they're still coming in. >> there were many of those aftershocks reported, including the one right there as we spoke with mark quigley f
. >>> a powerful earthquake has caused widespread damage in new zealand. it was centered near christchurch. some buildings collapsed and power lines are down. >>> the death toll in pakistan continues to climb after suicide bombers killed 55 muslims. the pakistan the taliban is claiming responsibility and threatens similar attacks in the united states. the timing of the attack during ramadan was reprehensible. >>> president obama is set to release new details on jump starting the economy. >> the economy is moving in a positive direction. jobs are being created, they are just not being created as fast as they need to because of the big holes we have experienced. >> last month the unemployment rate was -- raised one-tenth of a percent. the president says the key to helping the economy is strengthening small businesses. >> coming up, metro plans its largest maintenance projects in 34 years for this holiday weekend. we have the details you need to know. we are not in the clear yet. we have a new report on a girl. >>> 7 is on your side tonight with news for metro riders. on the red line, work is being
yesterday. the 7.1 quake hit near the southern city of christchurch. they are searching buildings to make sure no one is trapped. so far, no one has been found dead in the wreckage. rebuilding is expected to top $1 billion. >>> it is not the welcome tony blair expected at a book signing in ireland today. protesters gathered outside a dublin bookstore where the former prime minister came to sign his new memoir. some in the crowd threw shoes and eggs at blair while others scuffled with police. four were arrested. blair was not injured. protesters are upset with blair for his support of the iraq war. >>> craigslist removed its adult services section today. 17 state attorneys general had threatened to take >> list to court if they did not shut down the section. they argued the sight attracted as for prostitution and lead to crime such as human trafficking and murder. on this labor day weekend, president obama paid tribute to the american worker, recognizing many difficulties this and americans in a tough economy. the president singled out the middle class. >> this labor day we should recommit
of the nation was asleep. the epicenter was just rest of christchurch, a city the size of minneapolis. there are no reported deaths but there is plenty of damage and also some looting in the city. here's ben tracy. >> reporter: the streets in christchurch are littered with bricks, the buildings above ripped open by the massive jolt that struck just before dawn. >> oh, my gosh. well that shake lasted probably over a minute. >> reporter: 75% of this city of nearly 400,000 people is without power. the hospital is running on a sqlen rateor, and countless water pipes have burst. the 7.0 magnitude quake hit a 4:35 saturday morning. frightened energizers huddled in the streets after fleeing their homes in their pajamas. >> my house is completely swinging from side to side. i could hear lots of banging and noises crashing around everywhere. >> reporter: despite being the same size as the quake in haiti that killed 230,000 people, the damage here is much less due to better building codes, fewer people, and the time of day the quake hit. >> people were home, they weren't walking around in the s
had christchurch. a state of emergency is in the city, which suffered severe damage, it has been extended for another week. the city suffered severe damage in the original quake. the treasury secretary said the final bill may reach almost $3 billion. that is almost double the initial estimates we got just after the earthquake struck. this is "gmt" from bbc world news. i'm george alagiah. the deadline -- bp just published the results of an internal investigation into the gulf oil spill. it blames a sequence of failures by several parties. the trapped chilean miners enjoyed a football game on television while rescuers are preparing a third option to bring them out. here the business news. >> vodafone exiting china. when most companies are trying to get into china. vodafone pocketed $6.5 billion, after selling its 3.2% stake in china's biggest chinese wireless company. the buyers of the stake, of which there may be set up -- several, are yet to be identified. why did vodafone choose to sell its stake now? let us go to david. always good to see you. i was just saying, it is an intere
of emergency has been declared in christchurch. hospitals are dealing with lots of cuts and bruises, but again, no deaths. power has been lost, and police say leaders are running wild and stealing from damaged businesses. -- looters are running wild and stealing from damaged businesses. a better than expected jobs report helps stocks get back in the black for 2010. the dow jones ended up nearly 128 points. the s&p kept off its day almost 14.5. what was it that sent stocks north? 67,000 jobs make the double dip impression seemed less likely. unemployment is still high, and it went up last month. it is an indication that the economy is not going anywhere fast. >> jobs are being created, just not as fast as they need to be. >> people are really losing confidence and faith. >> republicans argue obama's economic plan has failed. the president is expected to unveil proposals to spur job growth in the coming weeks. speaking of work, justin bieber will be working the maryland crowd this weekend. he will perform this sunday, which means bieber fever has already begun. >> how popular is justin bieber? t
power stations will be used until 2035. christchurch is under nighttime curfew. there have been nearly 100 aftershocks since the earthquake on saturday morning. the city center has been cordoned off to prevent the danger from falling building materials. >> moving in to keep control, the army has been deployed in the central business district of christ church after the worst earthquake in new zealand in 80 years. the state of emergency remains in force as the operation moves into full gear. here they are the motion with the earthquake did not. the prime minister says 100,000 homes, two of every three, may have been damage to some degree. buildings like this are structurally unsafe and are now being pulled down. >> the wind was getting up high, and it had to be pulled down for the sake of safety. >> when the earthquake struck it was caught on cctv at 4:35 a.m., when most were in bed. the prime minister of new zealand said it was a miracle no one died. you can see why. the earthquake on saturday was a 7.1, even greater than the disaster in haiti in january. in northwest china in april mor
after a major earthquake struck christchurch. more than 100 billions were badly damaged. at a book signing in ireland, tony blair received a rude reception from protesters who threw eggs and shoes at the former british prime minister. blair's new mem wrors a bestseller, but as elizabeth palmer reports, the reviewers are divided on the man himself. >> reporter: tony blair is a man both loved and loathed. as he arrived at a dublin bookstore, police had to fight to keep his protesters away from him, while nearby, devoted fans lined up for a signed copy of his book. >> tony blair has been a great man for this country. he's a great politician. >> well, don't go out, children, because the grinning ego maniac is back. >> reporter: this memoir is an insider's view of a decade in power. it offers a glimpse of royal tradition. about to be appointed prime minister, blair was told, "you don't actually kiss the queen's hands. you brush them gently with your lips." about princess diana, he tried to warn her off her boyfriend, dodi fayed, but she didn't like it, he writes. weeks later she was kil
. a massive earthquake toppled buildings and flooded streets in christchurch. it is a miracle no one was seriously hurt or killed in the quake. government officials estimate it could cost more than a billion dollars to clean up all of the damage. >>> a man threatened to blow himself up inside a las vegas casino today. witnesses say the man walked in arizona charlie's with an explosive device strapped to his waist. police and s.w.a.t. team members surrounded the building after part of the casino was evacuated. security finally convinced the man to turn himself in. the man wanted to commit suicide by cop. >>> a san antonio man is literally beating himself up after a rough night. he claims he was attacked in the parking lot while the management watched. then the club's owner released video of the man banging his own head against the hood of the car and eventually he starts punching himself. they say he was angry because security had just kicked him out of the building. >>> former employees at that egg farm at the center of a national recall are making harsh claims against that comp
a massive earthquake in new zealand, the army has taken over security in the hard-hit city of christchurch. at least 500 buildings were destroyed by saturday's quake. there was no loss of life. the city center where falling glass remains a concern is off limits for business owners for everyone except business owners. the quake measured 7.1. power is back on for most of the city. >>> and guatemala mudslides have left 38 people dead. torrential rains triggered by a tropical depression saturday saturated the ground over the weekend. some victims were buried as they tried to dig out a bus that was hit by a wall of earth. >>> this morning those 33 chilean miners begin their second month trapped a half mile underground. but their ordeal is far from over. they have not been rescued for a month. seth doane reports. >> reporter: dad, how are you, she shouts to the screen? separated by a half mile of rock and seemingly a world apart, miners can now connect with their families by video conference. it was a very emotional experience to see him after such a long time, this wife of a miner says. to boos
at blair. in the book blair defends his a >>> the army has now mobilized in christchurch new zealand after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. several aftershocks rattled the area overnight. the initial quake over the weekend shook buildings to the ground. despite the devastation, no one was killed. >>> a judge dropped extortion charges against two people accused of trying to get money from john travolta. the pair took pictures of travolta's son jett as he was dying from a seizure and wanted travolta to give them $25 million to keep him from selling those photos. they were going to be retried, but the family asked for the case to be dismissed because they wanted to avoid the stress. >>> tourists rushed to save dozens of horses when their barns went up in flames, but it was too late. the sky is normally dark at 5:00 in the morning, as you know, but the intense flames lit up the sky in ransom, west virginia. as the barns burned people nearby tried to help the animals including workers from charlestown casino. >> you could hear the cries from the horses. they were just neiging at the top of their lun
from christchurch. four were tourists from ireland, evening, germany and australia. the pilot and four crew members also died. cause of the crash is under investigation. >>> in afghanistan, three people are dead and nearly a dozen others hurt when a suicide bomber rammed his car into a military convoy. it happened in kandahar city. officials there say the three dead were all civilians. one of them a child. in a separate attack in the northern province. a bomb planted on a motorcycle killed four afghan police officers and three civilians. craigslist has shut down its erot tick services -- erotic services section just a week after a group of states attorneys general said there were not enough protections in place by craigslist to block ads promoting prostitution. they replaced it with a black bar that simply reads censored. >>> we want to remind you about a important campaign at wusa9, called the great hang up. an effort to get everybody to stop using cell phones while they are driving. if you have been affected by a distracted driver talking on the cell phone or texting, we would love t
. so far, no deaths. the epicenter was just south of christchurch. witnesses say buildings have crumbled and the power is out for much of the city. residents say that after sharks are still going on including one with a magnitude of 5.7. the authorities ruled out the threat of a tsunami. portuguese courts have sent six people to jail for abusing children from the state orphanages. they were found guilty of sexually abusing children, running a pedophile ring, as the state run organization. the trial lasted nearly six years and involve several prominent defendants including a well-known television presenter, a former diplomat and two doctors. >> no stranger to the limelight, a former tv presenter is a national show business celebrity. now he faces a lengthy prison sentence. as is the retired ambassador. there were four other men and one woman. she was acquitted. the others were found guilty of sexual abuse. >> the victims to testify in this trial as witnesses, this is extremely important that they know that the court believes them. they believe that the crimes related take place j
. the earthquake hit the south island west of the city of christchurch at 4:35 a.m. local time. much of the damage was to brick buildings and many people were told to evacuate their homes but many left on their own. >> all my gosh, well, it lasted probably up to a minute. >> it was noisy and moved around a lot. it shook very hard and it took a heck of a long time to stop. >> police are reporting some whooping one of the aftershocks registered 5.7. they have some earthquakes each year but most are too small to be felt. >>> coast guard says that there is no evidence of an oil leak. a platform exploded and sent it still does not know what sparked the fire appeared all crews jumped into the water and were rescued through the seven balls attached to that platform have been shut down. >>> in the meantime b.p. says it has attached a temporary cap to the bottom of its oil well. they plan to raise the blowout preventer to this or this and they will examine the 300-ton equipment for clues as to what caused the explosion on april 20 that killed 11 workers. more than 200 million gallons of oil's spewed into t
and tropical storm earl and what is now in his pafnlgt christchurch airport was closed for inspections. >>> in ireland, former british improvement, tony blair got less than a hero's welcome after the public book signing of his memoir. police arrested for the people after scuffles broke out. mr. blair's best-seller upset opponents, specifically those angered about britain joining in the u.s.-led invasion of iraq. after the signing, he was whisked away in a car, while protesters threw eggs and shoes. >>> blowout preventer on the bp oil well was hoisted to the surface, giving investigators their first look at the failed equipment. now if it had been working properly, the preventer would have sealed the well at the sea bottom after an eruption. engineers have since put in he operation a new blowout priester to stop any further leakage. >>> in his weekly adirection president obama took credit for an economy he says would have been far worse if not for his recovery plan. this comes as the white house plans a major push of economic initiatives after the labor day holiday. our julie kirst with
in christchurch new zealand are assessing the damage from the 7.1 earthquake that rocked that city yesterday. 120 inner city buildings were badly damaged in the quake. they're being inspected to see if they're safe to enter. residents were ordered to stay in their homes to prevent looting. rescue workers set up shelters for people forced from their homes. >> 95 people turned occupy and out of that, 60 are staying here overnight. police have evacuated certain areas of the town and they can't go back. >> alan: the prime minister says it's a miracle no one was called. it could be months before the full extent of the damage is known. initial estimates.the cost of the quake at 1.4 billion decide. >>> tropical storm earl packed a rainy and windy punch as it hit the canadian coast. the storm maind landfall in nova scotia. it's being blamed for the death of a man who was trying to secure his boat. another man watched as his houseboat broke away. >> when the wind started to pick up, it took off, and we can just let it go. we can't pull it back. >> alan: earl clocked wind up to 70 miles-per-hour. more than
christchurch over the weekend damaged buildings are being torn down it's an area that has been hit with dozens of aftershocks some pretty big. the city center remains quartered off with only building and work crews being allowed into the area to begin cleaning up. these are pictures of the volcano in indonesia it's erupting again carried erupted this morning testing villages about 15 mi. away. summer of villages are reporting scene make love for the first time thousands of people been taken to emergency centers the volcano has been dormant perforce centuries. some spots flooding a tricky bridge crossing for this bus driver if there only to a set of town this one in a second bridge that had been completely washed away as perilous as this looks the bus did make it across just fine. >> are extended forecast and the cooler weather continues in tomorrow as temperatures dropped another five to 10 degrees over the cooling the scene today carried a gradual warming into the weekend will talk about the cool weather coming up after the break. look at our current conditions much cooler in the '60s and '70
. >> the authorities in new zealand have extended the state of emergency in the city of christchurch for another seven days. they suffered another aftershock, five days after the original earthquake. 5.1 was the magnitude. police say underlies the effort for people to stay away from that area. this is bbc news. angelina jolie arrives in pakistan to highlight their plight. and in jail for six months. the sergeant was caught dragging the woman across the floor. speaking after the sentencing, they said the sergeant was a disgrace. she said she did not think the sentence was fair, as she will be living with the effect of the attack forever. >> i have been trying to forget the last two years. i have not been able to. >> how horrific was it, looking at those images? we can look get them and imagined. how difficult was it to look at it? >> it was so terrific. the fact of being arrested, not having anything being explained to me, and in being treated with such violence -- and then being treated with such violence, at one point, i thought they must think i was a terrorist. i am still having a problem now. >> t
bigger drop than expected in christchurch new zealand. much of the area is still quartered off from the earthquake. they got a strong aftershocks today was a 5.1 causing some worries about the safety of buildings in the currency how many were destroyed. it is believed it now 100,000 homes were damaged and at least 500 have already been. in pakistan floodwaters' might be receding but they really have left behind devastated villages you can see the damage to fields. pakistan's ambassador to the u.s. said the military is not so busy with flood relief its really can't bring the fight against terrorists. he said going after extremist in areas near the border does depend heavily on pakistan troops. thousands of people in the country remain homeless. the 36 for the trapped miners we hear a lot about what's going on in the ground c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhpno car ringconnect 2400  heard it there'd least one person as an injury there could be many more this point because this just happened an hour or so ago several sites in downtown texas this picture right here pureed roofs ripped off of
could cost nearly $3 billion u.s. the quake hit christchurch in the suburbs last saturday. the government of new zealand says the reconstruction costs will likely double from the initial forecast as the number of damaged houses has reached nearly 100,000. prime minister john keys said on tuesday the government will financially support reconstruction. by wednesday, about 140 aftershocks had struck the area. municipal authorities have decided to extend the state of emergency for another week. >>> energy giant bp has concluded that the catastrophic gulf oil spill was caused by a linked series of mechanical and human failures involving multiple companies. its report has immediately been met by backlash. the investigation was conducted by a team of bp and outside experts and disclosed on wednesday. the report blames eight interlinked findings for the accident, including the poor quality of cement used to contain hydrocarbons at the sea bottom and the rig crew's delay in noticing irregularities. bp's outgoing chief executive tony hayward said a series of complex events led to th
an earthquake. in the city of christchurch, a 7.1 magnitude. power is back on to 90% of the people in christchurch. >>> a woman is ordered to be lashed after her picture showed up in the "times" of london. not wearing a head scarf. it appears there may have been a mixup in who the person was. >>> and a new world record for simultaneous lassoing. they twirled the ropes for almost three minutes. lots of world records being reported here on "gma" weekend. a quick look at the head lines. over to marysol with the weather. >>> only we know how to break news on the weekend show. it's the unofficial end of summer. folks in the northeast and midwest should revel in today's weather. it's going to be absolutely delightful. 73 and sunny in minneapolis. portland, boston, new york, into the 70s. what was hurricane earl is out of here. in its wake, beautiful skies. so take advantage of it. in the south, two trouble spots. we're keeping an eye on. portions of southern texas and south florida getting thunderstorms this afternoon. other than that, well into the 80s in the south. the west coast, dry,
is fine but he says there is major damage through christchurch build in the 1960's and a lot of wooden homes, not well built brick structures and as you can see from the pictures there is extensive damage and i am told by my brother at the airport waiting for his wife to arrive that christchurch airport is shut down not because of damage but they are concerned and want to check all the runways before they let planes in. this struck early in the morning at 4:30 local time, and 19 miles outside the city which is new zealand's second biggest city. thousands of residents awakened by it and my brother described it as a very, very violent and sudden but short earthquake. it shook his south a great deal. a frightening scene. but the good news so far that no major injuries have been reported. >> good news, indeed, including your pro. we are watching hurricane earl. just a slight deviation in the current path could bring a wide change in weather and we are live in ocean city, maryland. steve? >>reporter: the big story is the giant waves. for flooding. no storm damage. and we have treacherous su
following a powerful earthquake, magnitude 7.0. it hit before dawn. was about 35 miles from christchurch. this is the second most populated city this new zealand. some injuries to report, but no deaths. earlier i talked to melissa stokeses from our affiliate. >> reporter: certainly some extremely close calls around the city. we've heard from people where they just managed to that leap out of buildings and get under a doorway. so there was extremely close calls in clusters of the city, but only i think two people with serious injuries in hospital. so there are people around here that are just so surprised that this has happened. >> what are some of the immediate needs right now? are a lot of people frankly out of their homes or out in the streets? what's the response now from the government? >> reporter: i think a lot of people will be at home. they've been told tonight that they need to check out the structure all damage of their house and if they think that it has been damaged, they need to get into a welfare center. the government has announced a state of emergency. the big problems ar
searches. >>> troops have been sent in to help christchurch, new zeal land in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake. soldiers are searching throughout streets an badly damaged businesses a 7.1 quake struck saturday morning. no be was killed but the damage is so veer in downtown christchurch that access is limited to only business an building owners. >>> central oklahoma has been hit by seaferl small earthquakes. six small quake hit eight. they were all centered near oklahoma city. and six small quakes hit in the same area last wednesday. there was another one on friday. no injuries or damage reported there either. >> they got nothing on us. we have 3.7. >> we don't want to think about that. we want to think about what nice weather we're having. >> what a gorgeous weekend. temperature in the upper 70s, low 80s yesterday. a lot of sunshine, nice breeze oust north. nice-looking day. today going to be more of the same. going to be a little warmer but it should be just a perfect late summer, earl fall afternoon for us with highs in the mid-80s. early fall afternoon for us with highs in the mi
in new zealand christchurch. a second earthquake hit there this morning. a lot of people are trapped. happens of buildings are collapse power is out to thousands of people and many of the roads are broken up. also in new zealand a skydiving trip turns deadly. nine people were killed including four tourist from ireland, england and germany. it took off east of christchurch where the big earthquake took place. >> big equipment switch on the blown out well in the gulf. bp replaced the well head with a working one. it is expected to reach the water today. blow out preventer is considered key in to understanding what caused the april 20th explosion and the massive oil leak. >> new report shows that republicans could control 30 governor seats. according to the gubernatorial forecasting model. governors will do well. 37 states are holding election for governors this year. >> and all eyes on the economy. >>> and the economy not looking any better this week. bad news coming out on friday when everyone is so thirsty and starving for something to go. there goes the unemployment rate from 9.5 to
this labor day. the weather is going to be great. dangerous rip currents. >>> also, christchurch, new zealand, 7.0 magnitude quake has damaged buildings. amazing damage in the pictures. more amazing possibly is the fact that we have very few injuries to report. there are issues with water mains being broken. the power is out. but again, no deaths and very few serious injuries to reports that point. >>> also, the atf is ruling a fire at a construction site for an islamic center and of course in murfreesboro, tennessee, was arson. the fire happened last week in murfreesboro. construction equipment was burned. this is another controversial project that has now been delayed. >>> well, we do just at everything else online, can you possibly get fit online as well? sounds good. we're looking at the latest trend in exercise. is it really possible though? get fit online? [ male announcer ] rome wasn't built in a day... ...and it wasn't built on coffee and a danish. quaker instant oatmeal. now with bigger oats for a heartier texture, so you can be amazing. does your breakfast make you amazing? ♪ now
island. rasmgs the city of christchurch. amazingly, when you look at this damage, no one was killed here. something that the prime minister in new zealand says is an absolute miracle. freelance journalist from auckland, nick smith joining us on the phone from new zealand. it's good to talk to you. these pictures are absolutely amazing. i understand though that there is some more bad weather headed that way. tell us. >> that's correct. gale force winds have started as we speak to hit the north of the city gusts coming through up to 130-kilometers plus the forecast is for heavy rain. and the city is crippled and understandable concern that they did -- the high winds will reach through the damage. >> rick: these winds are 81 miles per hour. not quite hurricane force winds but still very, very strong winds. and when you consider what people there are dealing with it's certainly not going to be very welcomed. how is it that no one was killed in this when we look at the damage here, the buildings that just collapsed, was there a warning for this? did people know it was coming? >> nobody knew i
. the powerful early morning tremors leaving destruction everywhere. that hit 19 miles west of christchurch, a population of 400,000. >> it was 4:00 in the morning, the bed was rattling and moving back and forth a little bit. and my partner said to me, is that an earthquake? and i said, yes, it's definitely an earthquake. we went out of the house and noticed broken pipes, the yard started to flood. >> wow. well, veronica de la cruz joins me with more. do you know why this is being called a miracle? >> residents woke up to a scary ordeal. you just saw those pictures as this major earthquake shook the town before dawn. people spilled out on to the streets around 4:30 a.m. local time. two people were hospitalized for serious injuries, new zealand's prime minister said it was a miracle no one lost their life as you can see by these pictures. officials declared the city under a state of emergency. and early estimates for the damage caused by the quake stand at $1.4 billion. but the mayor of christchurch, says it could be months before the full toll of the disaster is known. >> in some ways, we'v
as 500 buildings have been declared destroyed, including 90 in downtown christchurch. this morning power has been restored to about 90% of the city but mayor bob parker says it's going to be a long time before core services like the sewage system are fully fixed. >>> earl the once hurricane strength storm is losing steam as he climbs north along the canadian coast. it pounded nova scotia with heavy winds over 100 miles an hour yesterday. the storm knocked out power to thousands of residents and earl is expected to curl away from north america and head out to sea by tonight. residents up and down the eastern seaboard could still feel the power of earl. this in the form of dangerous rip currents out there. in fact, in florida alone, 200 people needed rescuing yesterday from the heavy surf. the latest forecast go to the weather channel's scott williams. talk about surf's up in those pictures. >> absolutely, alex. you know surfers enjoy it, but even an olympic swimmer cannot get away it from those rip currents. we still have rip currents in the wake of hurricane earl and as we take a look at
earthquake that hit christchurch new zealand september the fourth was one of the worst country seen in 80 years. web producer kimberly sakamoto shows us what it looks like on google earth. >> fire here shows not only that huge earthquake but it shows the hundreds of aftershocks that followed. the 7.1 is the first in the series of aftershocks that lit up the page. the dog show you where in the country and to the right will find information about each quake that shows up. the different colors and sizes show you the depth and magnitude of the quake. there is a color coded line at the bottom telling you how deep the quakes were centered. this not showcases the 216 earthquake that happened in the 50 hour. kerrey did you like to take a look about herself as our whats on the web section on www.kron4.com. >> a live look outside this move rise coming in and out of san francisco on the golden gate bridge over to the san mateo bridge and it is a fog the shots. traffic is slowly and 92 in both directions. my mercury moment happend right after our wedding, when i realized that along with all the gifts
" >> no deaths reported after a powerful earthquake that struck new zealand. 7.1 quake in christchurch. hospitals dealing with lots of cuts and bruises, but again, no deaths. >> in some ways, we have been extraordinarily lucky when it comes to the citizens here. in terms of the scale of the damage, i think it is absolutely immense. we are really just beginning to come to terms twt scale of what we've -- with the scale of what we've got in front of us at the moment. >> more than 14,000 earthquakes are hit by new zealand. only 10 caused any damage. >> a mother and a child without a home this morning. it was not an accident. it happened in the 300 block of valiant circle. fire officials were called to the scene and had the fire under control in 25 minutes, but officials believe it was arson. >> if anyone has any information leading to the cause of the fire, because it was incediary and intentionally set. >> the woman and child displaced from the fire are being helped by the red cross. either one of them was injuried. >> another fire possibly set on purpose is under investigation, this one in elkton.
struck new zealand. a state of emergency has been declared in christchurch about 35 miles from the epicenter. hospitals are dealing with lots of the cuts and bruces, but nobody died. >> in some ways, we have been extraordinarily lucky when it comes to the citizens here. but in terms of the scale of the damage, i think it is absolutely immense. we are really just beginning to come to terms with the scale of what we have in front of us at the moment. >> 13,000 earthquakes hit new zealand every year but only 150 are felt by residents and less than 10 cause any damage. >> so back here in maryland, a fire in ann arundel has left a mother and her child without a home. officials say it was not an accident. fire officials were called fot scene and had the -- to the keep and had the fire under control in 20 minutes. officials believe it was arson. >> if anyone has information leading to the cause of the fire, because it was incendiary in nature and intentionally set. >> the woman and child are being helped this morning from the red cross. luckily neither was injured. >> and another fire
could soon hit new zealand. this comes as 20 more aftershocks hit the city of christchurch overnight. a powerful quake hit last saturday, damaging 1000 buildings. no one was killed. >>> turning to the d.c. mayor's race, we are seven days away from the primary elections. thousands have already cast their ballots. today a new show of support for the incumbent underdog. brianne carter is live in northwest d.c. with more. >> good morning. that's right. this is expected to be a race that comes down to the wire between mayor adrian fenty and challenger vincent gray. it's not clear how the endorsements will play a role in the vote. mayor adrian fenty pick up another endorsement from the washington examiner. the paper says, "there's no reason to fix what is not broken in the areas of crime, fiscal management, city services, and economic development. in education, there's no need to break what is finally being fixed after all these years. we are in college in washington residents to vote for adrian fenty in next tuesday's primary." he has already picked up an endorsement from the washington p
. >> residents of christchurch new zealand spend an uneasy evening as a 7.1 quake earthquake rocked the area. about 120 inner city building were damaged. rescue workers set up shell tiers. >> we have had 95 people turn up, and 60 stayed here overnight. police have evacuated certain areas. >> alan: the prime minister says it's a miracle no one was killed. it could be months before a full extent of the damage is clear. initial estimates.the cost of the quake at $1.4 billion. >>> four people are under arrest after antiwar protestors hurled shoes and eggs at tony blair at a book signing in ireland. it was blair's first public appearance for his book. the book gives a sense of his invasion of iraq. he said radical islam is in the greatest threat for global security. >>> they called in one after another. next, just released 9-1-1 calls from this week's discovery channel hostage situation. and what the audio tells us about how police moved >> alan: a former fairfield -- the police gave everyone a $100 gift card for everyone who turned in a weapon. the buyback was found in honor of a man who was kil
of christchurch. inspectors say at least 120 droughn buildings were damaged in yesterday's 7.0 earthquake. roads are cracked or covered with debris and let's ritz, gas and water service are disrupt. >> there is also concern that the sigh cey's saursystem is broken. two people were reported injured during the earthquake. >>> in france, tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the interests in paris and other cities to protest the government's order, deporting undocumented romanian and bulgarian immigrants. the un and european commission have condemned the he deportation and french human rights advocates say blaming and punishing an entire group is racist. >>> the san francisco health department reports progress in balloting sexually-transmitted diseases. officials say the number of new hiv infections fell by almost 46% between 2005 and 2009. cases though of gonorrhea also declined. they were down 25%, but the news isn't all good. syphilis and chlamydia infections rose. >>> straight ahead, power to the people. a bay area city is trying out a unique program to fight crime. why critics say it cou
the country's second largest city of christchurch demolishing buildings and crushing cities. i am now talking to amanda of new zealand tv. tell us what you saw and heard. >> well, this quake started out at 4:30 this morning, and of course, we were all still in our beds. the impact was immediate and terrifying. i bounced literally up and down on my bed. there is a cabinet in my room, and china smashing everywhere. you go into a sort of vortex that you don't understand what is happening around you at the time. now, of course, it was dark then, and we are starting to realize what has happened, and as you say, some buildings have collapsed, and some have partially collapsed and the facades on them have broken, but in particularly the brick buildings are suffering the worst here. >> what are you hearing, amanda, about the casualties? >> at the moment, we understand that there have been no fatalities, and there have been some serious injuries that some people have been taken to intense tiive care, and most ofm injured from the falling brick chimneys falling down. we understand that some of the bric
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